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Introducing Choozii from Zuzii

the coolest shoes on the block just got cooler--custom cooler i should say! our favorite handcrafted american-made shoes, zuzii, just launched the customized version, choozii. they launched late last year and zuzii invited me to test them out.

the process is very simple. on the zuzii homepage check out chozzii. select style: baby, kid, or adult...then start designing! the only tricky part is the "step" section is a pull-down menu, but once you get that the rest is a creative breeze.

i parked adela next to the computer and had her help me decide on colors (pink, obvi) and prints (gold dots). the finer details like sole and laces was in my court. a couple weeks later the little masterpieces arrived in the mail. like all the zuzii collection the shoes are crafted to perfection!

start designing your choozii

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