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Norman & Jules Toy Shop

weapons of mass imagination is the post title i wanted to go with, but darn seo makes me go with the more straight forward approach. (ha!)

toy shopping can be overwhelming even as a mom to two children. i come from the school of thought that you should only fill your home with beautiful things and that is also true when it comes to play things for little ones. so I avoid mass market plastic toys—although inevitably some sneak in when grandma comes to visit—and anything that doesn’t look like it will last. the challenge is finding the combination of fun, good design/eco, and a price that won’t water your eyes. that challenge becomes tenfold as your kids get older and the classic wooden toys don't cut the mustard anymore.

enter brooklyn-based norman & jules. a shop that you can walk-in, close your eyes (not that you would want to!) and shop. everything. is. gorgeous! this reflects the family-owned vibe and impeccable taste of the founders courtney ebner and avi kravitz. whether it be the curated selection or their warm smiles, you feel their presence both when you shop online and at their brick-and-mortar location in park slope.

norman & jules stocks a huge selection of wooden toys from rainbow-hued blocks to hand carved figures to dress-up things as well as dolls, d├ęcor and books. i love that they find classic toys that appeal to all kids--swords, cameras, stick horses, and much more! the best part? these will last a lifetime.

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here are some of my favorite picks for your little adventurer...

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norman & jules supports coos & ahhs and we love them. all words and opinions are my own.

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