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Spring Fever with Ladida

oh beautiful spring! the essence of the season is blossoming in the racks of the new jersey-based boutique ladida. the shop brings a unique mix of  both classic and cutting edge european style for babies to tweens. you will find designers like caroline bosmans, papanatas, bobo choses, nununu, along side such high-end classics like bonpoint, caramel and bonton--just to name a few. this spring ladida brings color--a lot of it!-- whimsical prints, natural fabrics and irresistible accessories to little one's fashion. and the best part? there is a price point for everyone!

i am obsessed with this morley dress paired with the bonton sandals-- adela will live in this combo! (pictured)

ladida generously supports coos & ahhs. this post is sponsored. pictures, words, and opinions are mine.

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