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All that Glitters: Atsuyo et Akiko

my love affair with the brooklyn-based design duo atsuyo et akiko began with the birth of my first child, a boy. i was always looking for unisex clothing that reflected my style. i instantly fell for their onesie and tee designs that felt edgy, whimsical and totally brooklyn.  now, with a little girl, the relationship has turned into full blown marriage--i am committed! (and this is coming from a mom that was anti-pink.)

the genius behind a et a is they have somehow managed to harness all the girlieness that little ladies love into something that is not saccharine or over-the-top. i believe it has to do with authenticity, these designs feel real-- ripped straight from a fairytale!

the new collection entitled wonderland-- a little alice and little playfulness--features beautiful new styles for children, women and home.

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