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Brooklyn Style with Wee Mondine

we are having a busy week in coos & ahhs land. our current home (that we rent) has been sold right under our noses! so we are scrambling to find a new place and hoping for something more permanent. in the meantime, i am soaking up every moment of my brooklyn-life. sunny days kicking bricks in the neighborhoods of my favorite place in the world! 

there is nothing better than easy spring looks which happen to be in abundance this season at the indie online shop wee mondine. the shop features a mix of eco and edgy styles for babies and toddlers. this season wee mondine focuses on separates that go miles and miles like nico nico, tiny cottons and popupshop--which are my staples these days! 

check the looks adela is sporting from wee mondine: bang bang copenhagen dress... grey label tank paired with wolf and rita skort--to die for! 

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