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Closing a Chapter with Smokks

this is a post about the sweetest summer frocks by new york-based smokks, but first i need to set the stage...
we are nearing the end of our time in brooklyn. it's beyond bittersweet... the beautiful townhouse we rent was unexpectedly sold this spring--we had just moved in a year ago! so began a new chapter, i knew it was time to try to buy, but as you can imagine real estate in brooklyn is outrageous to put it mildly. that didn't stop me from trying, i am brooklyn till the end. i love this place. it is my home. after weeks of looking, i accepted defeat and expanded my search and my mind.
many of our brooklyn neighbors were moving to this little township across the river called maplewood-- sounds charming doesn't it? the rub? it is in new jersey. my husband can quote me saying "i will never move to new jersey. never!" so one raining sunday morning, we packed up the kids and drove 45 minutes to another state and another world to check out the hype.
it was love at first sight, not only is it adorable and green, but it has an urban feel with sidewalks, parks and density that we have grown accustomed to. we found a tiny little house that we will become our home. (sigh. sniff.) it's a new era for this brooklyn family.
this all brings me back to smokks, the brand the specializes in classic dresses in the loveliest of liberty prints. my first post for smokks was the first week we moved into our new place in sunset park (the one we are now moving out of). we featured their little and big styles in our garden, which felt like all a brooklyn mama could ask for--a garden! so here we are on a final days and one last post, with one of my absolute favorite brands.

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