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“i know the key to this was my mom’s way of learning in parallel with me rather than as a teacher imparting wisdom,” says the musician andrew bird in an interview for the spiffy new quarterly illustoria--a magazine for creative kids and their grown-ups--he’s referring to his mom's nurturing his musical life while he was her study partner in grad school. there is oodles of knowledge for us to pass down, and oodles of knowledge for us to... well, know! the key is finding the space that genuinely engages both parties that is vital.

not surprisingly, illustoria is more than eye candy and hip names, it’s also a mind buffet that is fresh and timeless. imagine a cross between highlights and high times-- or maybe a little mcsweeney's. there are trippy stories and articles about the process of some of the artists that create them, there are recipes for adventurous eaters and basically a little something for anyone who has a curious mind. the magazine is focused for ages 6-12, but I think they should add a zero to the twelve-- the adults in our house enjoyed it as much as the little ones! so grab an issue and learn something together with your kids... don’t just shove free jazz down their throats. (ha!!)

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