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Thirty One Bits - Bitsies

the story of 31 bits is pretty amazing. it was started by a group of college students looking to make a difference in the world and turned into a full blown business bringing handcrafted jewelry from ugandan artisans created from recycled paper and painted with eco finishes.

31 Bits just launched their new bitsies collection for kids. the collection is full of colorful, eco-friendly beaded bracelets, necklaces and friendship bracelets in tiny sizes-- they also make grown-up designs! i am really feeling the lady power lately between beyonce and hillary. i relish teaching my little girl that anything is possible and to be strong! these bobbles convey that message not only in the story, but the product names are great: be brave, shine on or reach for the stars. such a cool and stylish way to teach kids about purchasing products that make a difference and will make those back-to-school looks pop! (prices range from $12 to $24)

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