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Book Review: The Ladybug

at first, henry thought the ladybug was going to be about a ladybug just being cute (last summer a lady bug landed on his nose and he freaked out), but then he read it and he saw there was more to being a ladybug than he had thought. the next day he read it to adela. they laughed at the picture of the ladybugs mating and she made him read the entire book to her three times in a row. they took turns opening the flaps and when they got to the picture with all the different types of ladybugs they fought about which one they would be if they were a ladybug. in the following days, henry was then quick to offer an interesting fact about ladybugs even if the conversation was not related to ladybugs, which was usually the case.

illustrated by bernadette gervais. published by laurence king (one my faves)   the ladybug

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