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first of all, i gotta preface this with the fact that for the past ten years i have been super into the embroidered peasant detail, not that i am saying i am a trendsetter or anything, (actually i am) just that when spring rolls around i start hunting for new pieces- tops, sundresses, etc.

so this year as i was lurking around on the www looking for my new puebla dress and peasant blouses i realized this style is trending big-time... and for the little ladies!

needless to saying i am having heart palps because i want to buy every. single. one. annoyingly, but perhaps luckily, a lot them are crazy expensive. i dunno? maybe they have to pay those needlework magicians a living wage or something? before you start rolling your eyes i was able to drop a couple cute styles from amazon, gap and zara. (you're welcome)  if someone wants to surprise please feel free to buy me the cabbages and kings black and yellow one (top center). so freaking cute!

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