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Spring Fling with the Baby Cubby

the online shopping market for children has gotten pretty crowded these days. there are more boutiques that offer a euro-curated selection products than i can count on my fingers. then, of course, there are the major chains like giggle, land of nod, and so on. all and in all it's good! 

let me share a new discovery: the baby cubby. the cool thing about this online retailer is that you can find everything from major brands and practical gear to sweet indie brands you've never heard of-- it's the stuff you need and the stuff you want all in one place! 

here are some of my favorite spring finds from the baby cubby...

+ gorgeously simple, lightweight cotton bonnets from indie label briar handmade. the perfect baby gift.

+ i know i've been out of the baby game for a bit now, but i must have been asleep at the wheel to miss these insanely sweet swaddles from little unicorn! the prints are everything. the baby cubby carries a ton of their products so do a full search!

+ and i know rylee and cru is on every bloggers list these days, but honestly this season had me at whimsical-hand-drawn-circus-pony-print

so a bit of a random smattering of things, but i had a hundred to spend (thank you baby cubby) and honestly i did pretty well considering the quality of the products. oh and they have a fantastic selection of wood toys for little ones as well. spend $49 and they take care of the shipping. did i mention they have a registry? i might just get pregnant again? [insert psychotic laughter]

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