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Seedling Littles

you’d literally have to be living under a rock if you don’t know about the seedling collection of activity kits. they are our go-tos for birthday gifts or road trips. we are big fans of them around our house.

just when i thought i’d seen it all, seedling comes out with a new line: seedling littles. these new kits are for the toddler set, ages two to four. (although i’d like to argue that, more on that later…) the seedling littles collection is designed to nurture the imagination and inspire early learning with awesome kits for both boys and girls: magical hero dress up cape; farmers market playtime; let’s roll, i love sushi ; and much more!

seedling sent henry and adela kits to test drive. first of all, you are going to love the packaging it is exquisite --if you can call packaging that? both kits are made out of quality materials—felt, canvas, wood— that feels like good old fashioned toys. inside the box, you’ll find fun facts about the theme and make sure to download the app. for much more play!

i was a little worried since henry is 7 and adela is almost 5 that these might be too baby-ish for them. the opposite was true. we cracked open the kits sunday morning and they were both totally enthralled for a good hour playing sushi restaurant with such exclusive clientele as unicorn supergirl! the unicorn get-up actually didn’t come off till bath time that night.

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