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Susu Littles

i met indira villalobos-starr a few years back at the children’s trade show playtime. we both lived in brooklyn. i blogged, she created quirky handmade stuffies from recycled materials—snuggly ugly. we’d run into each from now and again. flash forward to 2017 and indria and i now both live in the same township in new jersey (aka brooklyn-west) and she has expanded her collection to these gorgeous handmade rag dolls, susu littles.

just like the snuggle ugly line these dolls are made from high-quality recycle materials—hello cashmere! and she collaborates with some the most talented indie designers in the region, muny, kallio and two els to create truly unique dolls and d├ęcor for children.

each doll is handmade by with the care and quality of old world craftsmanship incorporating exquisite details like golden tread, liberty prints, recycled cashmere, and hand felted accessories. 

indria describes her passion in handmade goods as, “we believe handmade goods are invaluable resources to incorporate into our daily lives while connecting us to each other in a personal way that cannot be compared to mass-produced and factory-made products, handmade products are more than just a product. there is love, care, creativity and uniqueness, because handmade items are what your great, great grandma used to buy.”

 i couldn’t agree more! adela was lucky enough to get one of these dolls at a recent pop-up – she loves this doll more than any plastic dolly or toy.

shop susu littles/snuggly ugly

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