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Draw & Discover Series by Yasmeen Ismail

this new series of coloring/activity books is just in time for summer vacation, perfect for a  long road trip or flight! i still need to do a proper introduction, but i've added a literary expert to the writing staff at coos & husband! of course, he gives all the heavy lifting of the review process to the kids. (ha!)

the draw & discover books by yasmeen ismail gives me kid envy. i see adela filling all the prompts: making the bathtub full, the train longer, drawing the big bear shoes and I just wish it were me, because i would do a much better job. she can't even color inside the lines.  but she loves them, she hums bebe reixha while drawing on them. i am pretty sure she is learning a ton of stuff while scribble scrabbling these pages, but at the very least it gives me time to update my instagram and make a wholesome dinner.

i think the fad of grown-up coloring books could take a page from this series: color your ideal congress; draw some luxurious amenities to your beach front cabana; mow your lawn with an eraser.

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