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Keeping Busy on the Road: OMY + More

summer is upon us and many of you will be heading out on family adventures. we all struggle with what to bring to keep the kids entertained while you drag them around to new places. we just embarked on a week-long holiday to colombia to visit my husband’s family (more on that to come!) and i made a risky decision to leave the ipad at home. and before you start thinking i must run some sort of waldorf school household, believe me, my kids binge watch tv. so it was kinda a big deal.

instead, i opted for stickers (hello princeton architectural press) creative kids mags packed full of activities (anorak, dot, and illustoria) –much better than lugging a stack of books around.

but probably my best distraction was the omy coloring placemats. not only are they super cute and creative, they are easy to pack and you can pull out a few, slip them into your purse and presto! 

the omy line of coloring offers designs to cover your walls, to be worn, or light up the night in tiny to giant sizes. created by parisian graphic designers elvira laurent & marie-cerise lichtlé, omy launched in 2012 after both became mothers. coloring stimulates creativity, self expression and improves hand to eye coordination for children, and adults will find solace through coloring while exercising fine motor skills and training the brain to focus... but really anything to keep the kids happy while you enjoy a glass of rose on the terrace.

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