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Little Goodall

i probably spend too much time thinking about children’s fashion…but when dressing my kids i go between the classic euro look to a more modern relaxed (think california) aesthetic. i love the fine tailoring of the old school brands, but i want clothes that are comfortable for children and can take a beating. little goodall meets me in the middle with pieces that feel handmade with the love and attention of a grandmother, but with relaxed cuts that allow kids to be kids and fabrics that get better with wear.

the brand is created in texas by artist and designer molly goodall, who you might know from the adorable animal coats that made a splash a few years back. the label has expanded in very good directions to include an entire collection of handcrafted pieces for boys, girls, and baby. you know i love liberty prints and you will find lots of pieces, along side of unusual prints (like the little birdie print on the shirt adela is modeling) and linen galore. goodall's choice of high quality cotton, linen and wool fabrics guarantee that these pieces are seasonless and classic...which is all good!

summer sale going on now! shop little goodall

warning! i went crazy with the breezeway blocks backdrop!

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