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i'm a lady named amanda, i work full-time and raise a little boy and a toddler girl with my wonderful husband in brooklyn, nyc.

coos & ahhs is a children's style blog covering baby and kid's fashion, toys, decor, books, gear and whatever else catches my eye.

get in touch by writing me at: amanda (at) coosandahhs.com

this is a for-profit blog, but the editorial is always my voice and what i like. when we write a sponsored post it is always for a brand we love-- no matter what.

most posts fall under fashion coos or ahhs. pretty self explanatory-right? 

what we wear is an on going column that features the clothing my kids wear-- to prove that we walk the talk! it's a mix of gifts we have received, vintage finds and deals i have hunted down. if your company is interested in being featured in www please email me and i will see if we are a fit.

contact/ general inquires please email me, amanda (at) coosandahhs.com

for advertising and sponsored posted please contact amanda (at) coosandahhs.com 

giveaways, yes we do! please email cindy (at) coosandahhs.com

the illustrations
people always ask me if i did the illustrations on coos & ahhs-- i wish i did! the very talented manuel kalmanovitz draws them for me. he is based in bogota, colombia, check out his blog here.

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